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Gates are Re-opened after 372 days for Topical Authority Course (Limited Time)

1 year passed. We closed our doors to create new thought leaders and give lifetime memberships to those who deserve it.

Today, we re-open the gates for the Topical Authority Course with gradual release.

If you don’t want to lose time, use the button below.

Throughout the year, there will be new lecture series that will be added regularly.

I don’t want to keep this email long. We have seen over 187 community success shares from different members, and we have created our new thought leaders.

If you want to stay in SEO and learn the most advanced techniques, join us. But know that this is not an easy course. We have 140+ video testimonials, you can see them from Topicalauthority.digital homepage.

This one is my favourite testimonial.

Kristian created his own agency based on our teachings and is working with global companies based on Koray’s Framework. Check it out.

Vehibhav Sharda created his own company and implemented our methods automatically for his own company.

Karl implements our methods in iGaming and is one of the greatest SEOs in my heart.

James is the business mentor for me, you can check what he says.

I waited two years, between 2021 and 2023, to explain my ideas because I knew the industry was not ready. In two years, I disclosed over 120 websites, 60 different video and textual case studies, over 26 hours, and 500.000 words.

I gathered 8.000 people who demanded the change, and I launched it.

Today, we have over 35.000 members in the Holistic SEO Community.

And, we are coming together as a conference.

I also gifted lifetime memberships to over 300 people according to their characters. If a person is willing to help others, active in our community, they will always be supported. Many global companies started to embrace our methods and teach them to teams of over 300 sizes.

An example is below.

Another example is here.

If you don’t want to join, that's okay, too. I am not trying to convince you. But you will keep seeing my industry concepts, methods, and techniques. Even if some SEO parrots change the meanings and definitions and turn them into buzzwords, you will keep seeing the change.

About the new lectures that are coming:

The first module launched is “From Saigon to Saigon.” Gradually, new lectures will be released throughout the year.

  1. Zakopane Speech - Summative Version of Saigon

  2. Estonia - Change SEO Mindset

  3. Birmingham - Nothing is Random

  4. Budapest - Pixels, Letters, and Bytes

  5. Sofia - 7 Fundamentals of Future SEO 5.1 Sofia - 7 Fundamentals of Future SEO (Q&A)

  6. Chiangmai - Fundamentals of a Functioning Topical Map 6.1 Chiangmai - Holistic SEO Meetup Speech

  7. Dubai - Orchestrating Agents in the Age of AI Empires - 40 Minutes Summative Version

  8. Saigon - Orchestrating Agents in the Age of AI Empires - Extended to 1 Hour

The lectures above are over 5 hours in total.

  • Historical Nodes is the second lecture series, which will be released gradually. It will consist of over 90 lectures. It explains how to better leverage expired domains using PageRank sculpting, crawl prioritization, and semantics.

  • Trending Nodes is the third lecture series released after Historical Nodes. It consists of over 90 lectures and explains how to use popular topics to increase overall rankings and keep websites safe against future major system updates.

  • Transition Nodes is the fourth lecture series released after Trending Nodes. It will explain site migrations, how to save websites from spam, and helpful content updates by performing site migrations. It will be over 120 lectures.

  • Topical Map Feedbacks is the last lecture series. It will involve over 10 hours of feedback recordings for the member topical map submissions. If the topical map is exceptionally good, lifetime membership will be given.

  • The 4 different digital webinar speeches, longer than 3 hours, will be added. It is mainly about AI and Natural Language Processing.

  • Semantic SEO Agents. This one will be over 120 lectures. I did not decide whether it would be a separate product or built-in. It involves AI agents for topical authority. I consider sharing these agents with the community to ease the process for them. The last lecture, “From Saigon to Saigon,” is about these agents.

These lectures will be released gradually. It means that some of these might be released as parallel, part by part. This week, we open 5 lectures in “From Saigon to Saigon”.

The gates will be closed?

I kept my gates closed to send a message. I don’t care if you have money. Money is just an entrance; to stay in this community, you must deserve it with generosity, kindness, and diligence.

There are three ways to get a lifetime membership in my system.

  • Help a Holistic SEO Community member to achieve positive results, and share it genuinely.

  • Gift the course to someone who you don’t know.

  • Achieve personal results and share them as a video review.

If you want to join, use the passage below.

SEO is not the same as before. You have a chance to learn how to utilize Holistic SEO, not fear future updates, and be ready for SGE and AI.

Many SEO influencers you trust are gone or about to be gone before 2026. You are gonna see that Holistic SEO stays as a constant in the discipline of SEO.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." – Seneca, Letter 104, Letters to Lucilius

Love you all.

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