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11 Crucial #SEO Shifts You Need to Understand for Sustainable Success

Koray Tugberk GUBUR and Ozlem Uyar

Learn these, and start changing your mindset now, or between 1 and 3 years, you will be wiped out. A simple thread that will be deepened.

Life is our one-time ticket; wield it wisely through the power of reading, the compass to enlightenment.

  1. Understand that SEO is not a side-hustle, I have seen many entrepreneurs in my 8 years of career, and some of them approach SEO like a side-hustle or a hobby If you do not do SEO professionally, it might be overwhelming for you to manage your own business, and also manage SEO

  2. Learn Natural Language Processing, Understanding and Generation To get your game to next level, know how computers can process natural language, and perform multi-chain reasoning, Increasing relevance 0.1% for 100,000 product reviews might bring extra annual millions.

  3. Turn Your Website a Speaking AI System Train a Chatbot with only your own content, and make it speak with the visitors. Show users that they can learn via your own knowledge and experience, rather than using traditional web documents.

  4. Create a Knowledge Base Whether you are in Health or Finance niche, you need to have a unique knowledge base for stayin ahead of others. It means that you need a Fact Repository to create and optimize bulk documents. Better knowledge base, better programmatic SEO.

  5. Verbalize Your Knowledge Base Verbalize all of your knowledge base by using Natural Language Generation. Use a Large language model for creating consistenet, and complementary web document network with certain facts, and accuracy.

  6. Imagine that you have a knowledge base with 9 billion entities, and 20 billion facts and relations. Verbalizing them would create at least 2 trillion sentences. If these sentences are distributed based on proper Search Engine Understanding, the next step is micro semantics.

  7. Learn the Microsemantics. Macrosemantics and Microsemantics are the concepts that I found What you have seen in the tweet before is Macrosemantics Imagine. you change your LLM, and you verbalize your knowledge base differently, now you are dealing with the microsemantics.

  8. Learn how to Fine-tune an LLM. If you train your own models, or if you configure the existing LLMs, you can improve your results tremendeously. Change sentence beginnings, or optimize average sentence length, or information density (Another concept from my own framework)

  9. Understand What a Topical Map is. Many use this concept now. It is hapiness for me, but many do not get what a topical map really is. Thus, stop being a editorial minded SEO, get an Engineer Mindset. Understand how small things add up, and great things happen.

  10. Know that it is about Math. Users are important. But, Search Engines connect users to web documents via queries, and queries to their perception via algorithmns. Algoritmhs are math. Whether you rank or not, that decision comes from math. Be an engineer minded person.

  11. Always Stay as a Student. It does not matter how successful or rich you are. There is always something new to learn. A big commercial search engine performs over 300 updates a day. You have to understand fundamentals of search engines in a deep way to stay in the game.

Fewer than 10 seats are available. I won’t open the gates for a time, and private community will be the main focus.

Paul Jensen’s Testimonial

Paul is a dear friend for us. He is always kind, and a supportive person. I am glad that we encountered to each other, and I am always thankful to God that I became an SEO, and meet with all these awesome people.

Sergey Samiznaetekto Testimonial

Sergey is a great mind and a business person. He always makes me remember that I should actually focus on staying healthy rather than growth. It is a great feeling that you see your own partners mentor you. Many thanks to him.

Love you all.

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