[Last Chance] 2 Hours To Go

Hello my friend,

This is your 24 hour warning for the Topical Authority Course.

In only 2 hours, I’m closing registration (it should be on a timer).

Not sure if I will open this again.

Maybe in a few months, but I will consider it.

This has been an amazing, and challenging experience all at once.

I know there are many people waiting for me to release this for 2 years.

I had no expectations for how this would go when I opened it.

The vast majority of people have been extremely supportive, and writing amazing reviews.

And with that I get a lot of messages and emails.

I’ve tried my best to answer everything personally, but I find I’m spending hours every day doing it.

That’s why I need to reassess if/when I’ll open this up again.

So if you would like to get in…

At the time of this email there are only 2 hours left before we close.

(if the link doesn’t work, I think the timer has run out)

I’ll continue to work my hardest answering questions and making this a good experience for everyone.

Thank you again for all your support.

Your friend,


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