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Koray’s Agents for Koray’s Framework on This Saturday (New Topical Authority Lectures)

Topical Authority 2.0 Continues to be Published

Koray’s Agents for Koray’s Framework on This Saturday

We are excited to introduce our 35 new AI agents, optimized for semantic SEO and designed to boost your topical authority. First announced at SEO Vibes Dubai, these innovative tools will be showcased in greater detail at the SEO Mastery Summit 2024 in Saigon. Stay tuned for more information on how these AI agents can revolutionize your SEO strategy!

This Saturday, discover a groundbreaking approach to transforming Affiliate SEO into Business SEO. Our “Orchestra of Agents” concept turns AI agents into human brains and integrates them into business departments.

An Example of an Individual Article’s Performance from Koray’s Framework

Case Studies are prepared. This example is for a SaaS Company. The article represents a “root” document to propagate quality and re-ranking for the sub-pages.

Quality Node performance changes the performance of the entire semantic content network.

These “root” documents are called “Quality Nodes” in the topical map to change the quality assignment of the search engines for changing the ranking state for the better. Check the full performance of the SaaS Project.

New Success Stories from Holistic SEO Community

The holistic SEO community has shared many new success stories. We share our community members as they are.

Vikas Yadav shared his success step by step by using Koray’s Framework. We are always happy to share your success and help you to grow.

Many thanks to Muhammad Ayaz for his knowledge, learning, and sharing.

Great share from Eneda Faslli by demonstrating his results directly.

Kristian Roche shared his success with Virgin Australia by using Koray’s Framework.

Patryk Piontek shared his success by thanking Julien Goldie and Koray Tugberk GUBUR.

Vaibhav S. Shared his success by using Koray’s Framework.

Damir Bilalov shares his learnings and opens his YT Channel to distribute new information.

Joydip Kirtunia shared his experience with the Holistic SEO Cohort Meetings, and Germans Frolovs shared his new SOP for using Koray’s Framework to create new topical maps.

Love you all. Looking forward to meet and having memoirs together one day.


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