Don't Wait for API Leaks to Learn Advanced SEO

2 More Lectures are Added to Topical Authority 2.0

Topical Authority 2.0 Expands 2 More Lectures Today - Don’t Wait for Google API Leaks to Learn Advanced SEO

Stop guesswork. Learn true SEO with a Holistic SEO Community.

Over the past 14 months, we have visited over 10 countries to explain advanced SEO concepts and Koray’s Framework with over 40 websites. The naked data for these websites is presented with the project files and journey.

Sell your website for 7 Figures by using Our Framework. We congratulate Ma Dios for his great achievement!

Great success from Holistic SEO Community member Ma Dios!

We started this journey with the Sagon 2023 SEO Mastery Summit, and I ended it with the 2024 Saigon SEO Mastery Summit.

All these lectures are related. We always have a unique presentation and speech. The last Saigon Speech will present over 30 GPT Agents and their benefits. Then, some of these agents will be shared with the private community.

The Sofia Speech from SERPConf 2023 was created to explain how we ranked AI-generated websites in 2021. Yes, you didn’t hear wrong. We were using it in 2021. I didn’t share these projects or the server infrastructure we have used. They were not shared earlier because “it was for protecting the balance in SEO.”

You Don’t Need to Wait for Google’s Internal API Leaks to Learn Advanced SEO

To create Koray’s Framework and Topical Authority methodology, I have read over 4.000 Google Patents from 2018 to 5 August. The countless A/B Tests, terminology work, and working pipeline are designed by stalking the Google Engineers, Researches, and Patents.

We have created new concepts like Topical Maps but could not share every detail about them since the industry wasn’t ready. This is why we announced the Topical Authority Course in 2021 and waited for 2023 to launch it. Still, not every detail is explained for the same reason.

For example, we still haven’t shared what “Google Keys” are, even if we announced it at the end of 2022. Because the industry wasn’t still ready.

But today, thanks to Google’s ContentWareHouse API Leak, people realize how closely related Koray’s Framework and Google’s Ranking Systems are.

One of our Esteemed Members, Nathan SE, shares his initial findings here.

Nathen SE’s thoughts on the latest API leak of Google and its similarities to our framework and methods.

Between 2021 and 2023, we wrote over 500,000 words explaining how Google Algorithms work to combat the “Woodo Magic” understanding of rankings. We always wanted to give search engine optimization a background in engineering.

We started examining the API Leak to prepare a parallel understanding between the Internal Files and Patent Files, along with the case studies. Our Algorithmic Authorship rules have a detailed criterion. Some of these are already given in our course.

Another member from our Community, Nawaz Sharif has the same idea as below.

Newaz Sharif realizes the “Cost of Retrieval” is one of the angles in the Leaked API Docs.

Our Dear Friend and a successful SEO, George Kocher, expressed his idea below.

Alex Ammar has always had a special place in our Public and Private Community because he was the first to give a video testimonial for the Topical Authority Course.

Similarly, Muhammad Waseem shares similar thoughts on the “Twiddlers” in the API Leak.

Our community has many more examples of recognizing the similarities between the Google Internal API Leak and the Topical Authority framework. But it is good enough for now to share this much.

Latest and New Success Shares from Holistic SEO Community

Andreas Stefen is a special person for the Holistic SEO Community. If you look at our Topical Authority Course Launch Video, you will see that he is one of the reasons for us to launch the course. He has shared his success within our community.

Dear Vehibhav Sharda, the owner of Autoblogging AI, a special character who implements our framework with GPT automation, shared his other success story.

We have worked together with Hrishkiesh Pardeshi. He has a great intellect. He shared another success from one of his projects by explaining his experience with our community.

Hrishikesh Pardeshi’s success with Topical Authority.

Hoang Anh Nguyen is a great member of our community, from Vietnam. She shared her success by thanking us.

Hoang Anh Nguyen’s success with Topical Authority.

Washim Ahmed has shared a Finance Niche website by thanking us; we appreciate his success and willingness to share his knowledge with other members of the Semantic SEO Course.

Washim Ahmed’s success with Topical Authority.

Island Conference 2024 - Topical Authority Course, New Concepts are presented

We have performed a virtual connection and speech for the Island Conference 2024. We were happy to see that our Community Members were in the room and asked direct questions, too. Some of the new concepts are presented during the lecture.

Island Conference 2024 Speech with new lectures

Latest SEO Case Study from the Holistic SEO Team

We always keep publishing new success stories and case studies. It’s not a surprise. Feel free to join our YouTube channel to learn more.

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