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Fewer Than 50 Seats for Semantic SEO Community and Course

Step By Step towards to the End

Hey Brother/Sister,

I know there are some unconfirmed Google updates, but there are better ways to make your website completely future-proof and gain a perennial advantage for SEO, even if AGI becomes mainstream in search.

  • Delve into 87 comprehensive lectures spanning over 9 hours, 23 minutes, and 17 seconds.

  • Discover foundational knowledge alongside proprietary strategies for establishing Topical Authority.

  • Master a systematic, repeatable approach to building and affirming Topical Authority in your chosen field.

  • Gain exclusive access to our Private SEO Community, a gathering of experts and innovators pioneering unconventional SEO techniques.

  • Benefit from ongoing access to updated lectures and the introduction of innovative SEO methods.

3 Months of Private SEO Group Coaching and Private Recordings

Participate in weekly and bi-weekly live calls with renowned SEO expert, Koray Tugberk GUBUR, to elevate your skills and knowledge.

Submit your questions, documents, and projects for personalized feedback and guidance from an industry leader.

Immerse yourself in advanced Topical Authority Lectures to master cutting-edge SEO techniques and strategies.

Testimonials from Dusan Milojevic, a New Pioneer in Semantic SEO

We are happy to promote our trainees and members of our private community. Dusan shared results that he gets thanks to the Koray’s Framework.

You can join us, and get a license to provide services to clients that wait for you.

Murat Balaban Testimonial for Holistic SEO and Topical Authority Course

We have been working for more than 2 years, and we completed long, advanced training for their team to achieve great results at a lower cost.

Murat Balaban exemplifies the pinnacle of entrepreneurship, leading his team, family, and community with exceptional warmth and kindness. His reliability is unrivaled - when you collaborate with him and his team, rest assured that they will diligently address every intricate detail and the most sophisticated requirements, often without explicit instruction.

Fewer than 50 seats are available.

Chavan Krishna's Testimonial for the Semantic SEO Course

Chavan Krishna is one of the kindest, and sweatiest team leaders and entrepreneurs that I have seen. I am happy to see these kind sentences from you.

Chavan Krishna holds a distinctive place in my life as one of the most compassionate individuals I have had the privilege of knowing. His unwavering dedication and the numerous obstacles he and his team have surmounted on their path to success are truly admirable.

Stay with reason and action.

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