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Exciting Success Stories from Our Topical Authority Course Students!

Generative AI SEO Lectures are Coming to the Course

Exciting Success Stories from Our Topical Authority Course Students!

The gradual release of Topical Authority 2.0 continues. The From Saigon to Saigon Module will soon receive its seventh lecture. It involves 32 AI Agents improving SEO Efforts by automating and optimizing LLMs for higher rankability.

The Google API Leak Source, Efran Azimi, the Hero of Freemind in Search Engine Optimization, is in Istanbul and wanted to perform a podcast together. Soon, it will be with you.

Our community continues to examine the Google API Leak and finds correlations with Koray’s Framework. Dusan Milojevic shares his findings for Image Quality Attributions from Google’s own code and its correlation with our framework.

The AI related SEO Lectures are coming this week to the Topical Authority Course 2.0.

Public Success Shares by Using Koray’s Framework

Using Koray's Framework, we have new public success shares from Holistic SEO Community members. Many thanks to Vaibhav for his generous citation.

We thank Eneda Faslli for joining our program and working on our methods.

Luis Salazar Jurado keeps surprising the SEO Community with his hard-working nature.

Joydip Kirtunia shared his success and validation for our framework with his latest success.

Damir Bilalov is a valuable member of the Holistic SEO Community and shared multiple success stories.

2 Different Holistic SEO Private Community Cohorts

The Topical Authority Course has multiple cohorts of lifetime members who enjoy community and circle learning. The meeting below is from Cohort 37.

Cohort 22 focused on Semantics on Google SERP thanks to one of our thought leaders, Johannes Faupel.

To join our cohort program, you must complete the Topical Authority course. Only certain-level students can join and contribute to circle learning.

Watch James Dooley’s testimonial for Koray’s Framework.

German Frolovs is a successful SEO from Denmark, and we trust his judgment.

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