500 of Seats in Topical Authority Course are taken

Koray Tugberk GUBUR

50% of the seats for the Semantic SEO Course for Topical Authority are already taken.

We have 37 days and 500 other seats.

Join the Semantic SEO Program, and learn future fundamentals:

Here is another testimonial that you can check for the course, and the approach.

We worked for 7 days, side-by-side, and repeated every step together. You can learn what part was hard, what part was easy for him, and how he perceived the process step by step.

About your questions:

  1. Will the first 100 trainees explain? → Yes, they will get private emails this week, For the person who wants proof, we can send a screenshot with the time of the purchase, and his order. All the data comes from Stripe.

  2. How can I get a lifetime membership? → You can still get a lifetime membership for the Semantic SEO Course, and future modules, lectures, or other courses, by helping others, and by helping us, improve the course and community further. For example, just today, two different people earned this. Dale Hewett and Pavel Klimakov earned lifetime membership by gifting the course to people who needed financial assistance.

  3. How can I get the answers to the definitions of the concepts? → Mihai Matheias came to Turkey to visit me, and created this “Streamlit”, Basically, you can ask questions, and it will answer your question by using our case studies and articles. Thus, he earned a lifetime membership too.

  4. When will I get an invoice? → I will start sending invoices for the VAT Registration Numbers this week, You should understand that we have more than 2,000 messages, including emails, and DMs, Even for a large team, it is still a little intense.

  5. Does the Course show new things? → Yes, you didn’t see the things inside the course before; you can check out an experience summary below.

Be sure that you learn the new fundamentals of SEO because old methods won’t work, once these people fill the SERP with their own websites. Eventually, you will need to learn what I have shown here.

Save your seat, and unlock your potential.

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